Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm not saying this is good...

...but I wrote a poem.
And I'm going to share it.

It's called "By the Fountain" because I wrote it by a fountain on a magically stormy day that was dripping with this inexplicable feeling of...significance.
And so I sat down and wrote a poem just as the drops fell to meet me.
And the thunder said hello.

By the Fountain  10/4/10

The sky seems so present
that the earth slips away
and the conquering clouds crowd in.

and the solitary people rush in
to clasp eyes and levy the distance
with unuttered hellos.

and the impatient thunder bellows
to be released
from its prison of professionalism.

The air feels so heavy
that the eyes, they drop
and splash off the bold face of possiblity.

ping, ping, ping.

We clatter inside to escape
the noisey adventure of feeling.
And without,
it begins to rain.



I want to carry you
and for you to carry me
the way voices are said to carry over water.

Just this morning on the shore,
I could hear two people talking quietly
in a rowboat on the far side of the lake.

They were talking about fishing,
then one changed the subject,
and, I swear, they began talking about you.

Billy Collins

that's all, folks


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